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Imagine how it would feel waking up after hugging your partner for a while in bed, then getting up to spend time by yourself and you all you can hear is silence, no mental chatter. You feel present in your body and you enjoy slowing down and relaxing before doing anything else.

Visualise being able to live without anxiety, being able to have this inner knowing that things will go fine and they you’ll be ok, even after having a stressful day.

Imagine how amazing it would feel being able to switch off and wind down after work , taking the time to relax and slow down, and you falling asleep without any nagging feelings that you haven’t done something, or you haven’t done enough, without staying up and ruminating or contemplating the day’s decisions, actions, or consequences.



In my SOMA intensive, we are going to create a map to build that life, and together we are going to release the anxiety stored in your body that is keeping you from the ease that you deserve.

👇Let me show you how it looks like 👇


😫 Waking up already feeling in a rush, feeling light headed and dizzy. Feeling your heart is fast and irregular. You wanted to take some time for yourself before getting to work but you feel like you cannot relax or sit still, it feels easier to keep moving and keep yourself busy.

😭Aat your desk, feeling the tension building up on your shoulders and your jaw feels very painful. You have this uneasy feeling that something bad is going to happen and it feels like everything is speeding up. Your head doesn’t stop thinking and it’s distracting you from your sessions and preventing you from being creative.

😥 Going to bed and even though you hoped you would finally sleep tonight, you find yourself going over the conversation you had in your dms, again and again and again, analysing what they said and what you should have said and it keeps you from falling asleep.

the SOMA intensive is going to trasnform your life

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Working with my body, and healing anxiety from a somatic persepctive is what made me go from anxious AF, to resilient and peaceful.

A few years ago, I was waking up already feeling like I was about to have a panic attack. My throat and chest felt so tight, I could cry for hours because of the frustration.


Even when I was able to get on with my day, there was this underlying feeling of nervousness and this horrible physical sensation. I would have to smoke weed, or take some kind of drugs when the feeling was too unberrable to handle.


There wasn’t a day that I didn’t wake up feeling anxious. My head felt very busy, almost spinning and going to all worst case scenarios, which would make my heart even bit faster.

Sometimes I coped eating a lot, sometimes I my stomach closed up because of nerves. I was sleeping like shit and waking up exhausted to more anxiety.

👉Until I started embracing anxiety from a somatic perspective. Rather than working with it with my mind, positive thinking and affirmations, I understood what anxiety really was, and I was able to release the anxiety that was stuck in my body, making my life misarble.


Thanks to working with my body, I was able to beat anxiety once and for all and now I wake up and I feel grounded and calm. My head is quiet and I feel relaxed to start my day very slowly without rushing. I am able to move through life and work feeling at ease. My thoughts are mostly positive, I’m hopeful and my body and chest feel light. When anxiety does come, I feel powerful and centred and I know how to take care of it, without allowing it to take over and ruin my days. Anxiety coems once in a while rather than being a 24/7 thing.

Here's what you get when you book your intensive



Before our session, I'll make you aswer a few questions that will allow me to create a tailored roadmap specific to the needs of your nervous system.


We'll meet in a ZOOM session for a 45 min somatic healing session, so I support you in safely releasing the anxiety from your body.


You'll recive the audio recording of the session so you can do the work on your own and make sure you get long-term results.


After the session, you'll get your potent personalised roadmap with the break down of the step-by-step process to heal anxiety.


You'll be with me in Voxer for 4 days so I can answer to your questions, help you integrate and support you while you start applying your strategy.

Book your intensive for only €177

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