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Nutrition is not about dieting, restriction and losing weight. I'm here to re-define what nutrition really is for those who are ready to use the power of a plant-based diet to promote healing, wellbeing and life-force energy

You are about to elevate your nervous system healing regulation journey with nourishment.


Let me guess... You understand how nourishment can support you on your healing but you are lost with diets and nutrition, tired of reading all kinds of information and not knowing what's best for you. You are also exhausted of the fucking diet culture, their promotion of restriction and obsession with physical appearance

You feel disconnected from your body, you don't really know what you want and what you need, you just don't know how to make your own health and diet decisions. And the fact that you also struggle with guilt and shame after meals doesn't help...You are tired of feeling like you could have made better food choices, eat less of something, more of something else, in a different time or place... oh god, always the same bs. 


You are done with the anxiety arouns meals and the fear of specific foods, done feeling overwhelmed not knowing how to plan your lunches and dinners. 

And.. you are feeling called to go vegan or incorporate more of a plant based diet but you are afraid of not doing it the right way...

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You wake up with life-force energy, ready to start your day, ready to get a good workout and sweat! Yes, life feels good. You feel young and healthy. It feels so good to wake up rested! Breakfast time and... you finally know what your body needs because you are finally in it! Yes, you are completely attuned to your body and you know how to take care of it. 

You are a badass at making your food choices, you understand the nutrition, you know how to plan your meals, you know what feels good for you and you follow your intuition and choice. 

Oh god, it feels so good to relate to food this way. It's freeing and sacred. You are able to eat mindfully, peacefully, like a ritual. Yesss....


You are the pro of the family at meal planning, they all ask for your help! You feel so organised and the best part and that everything feels easy and fun. 



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Sacred Plant-Based Medicine is a program to help you reconnect with your own inner wisdom, using the magic of plants to support your healing journey from a holistic approach (+trauma-informed) with gentleness and compassion. 

This isn’t your traditional, nutrition and diet course. 

It's designed to help you in your healing journey through a holistic and trauma-informed approach so you can have maximum success.

This course doesn't promote dieting, this course doesn't promote restriction. 

And yes, while this course is based on a whole-foods plant-based diet, this course doesn't disconnect you from your body, your needs and your free will. 

Sacred Plant-Based medicine actually helps you reconnect with your body (something that trauma normally blocks) so you can make informed and empowered decisions, so you can slowly heal and create safety within

I give you the trauma-informed perspective on food and diet. I help you restore the most helpful and aligned relationship with food. 

But what REALLY makes this different is the fact we focus on nutrition from a trauma and nervous system perspective.  It doesn’t just focus on the nourishment side, but if offers the most holistic and powerful approach to diet. 

here's what you'll learn...


MODULE 1: Reconnecting back to your body after trauma and creating a helpful relationship with food with mindful eating.

  • You'll learn how the nervous system connects with nourishment and the importance of taking into account the mind and body connection when planning a diet. You'll understand your innate power to heal and how antioxidant therapy can support your healing. 

  • You'll learn the principles of mindful eating and how to create a healthy relationship with food. 


MODULE 2: Elevate your nutrition knowledge through in order to make aligned and empowered choices.

  • You'll finally be able to understand the science of nutrition in a simple and useful way, so you understand what's behind your food and you'll be empowered to make your nutrition decisions.

  • You'll learn the most common myths about nourishment and you'll understand how to combine your meals for maximum benefit to your health. 


MODULE 3: The integration process and embodiment to great long-term transformation and maximum results.

  • You'll be given the methods in order to simplify your nutrition, meal plan and organise your meals ahead of time. 

  • You'll have access to delicious plant-based recipes, meal plan, groceries list to ensure that you have all the steps and tools to apply your new knowledge and succeed in the journey of healing through plant-based medicine. 

This program works with a sliding scale. Please be aware that the lowest amount on the scale is reserved for people of low income or going through financial difficulties. Please be mindful in choosing an amount within or above recommended scale €111 to €555 

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