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After years of suffering, controlling, performing, perfectionism, criticism, anxiety and constriction. After years of neglecting my body, and living in a constant state of struggle... I alchemised my trauma. I connected my nervous system and my business and I opened up a portal for ease, spaciousness, connection, pleasure, fun, and relaxation. I transformed mind, body and spirit and connected with myself. I created a space for unconditional love, acceptance and respect for myself, a place where following my dreams and intuition was the norm, a place where I could raise my voice and speak my truth, a place of confidence, nourishment and fulfilment. A place where my nervous system was an embodied leader and I could let go of control and finally trust, surrender and allow. I set myself free.


In Alchemise, we break that cage for your highest potential.

For your life to become juicer than ever. 

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If you are like my clients, you are satisfied with the results of your career, the success, the money. But you still wake up like you are going to have a heart attack. You still wake up with racing thoughts, stress, anxiety. And how is that possible? I mean, you’ve got the life and you have invested in coaches, therapies. You are someone who does the work and take action… that’s never been an issue. 
You are getting pissed and frustrated. Is that it? Is it just me? Am I fucking broken? You are on the edge. Why can’t you just slow down and relax? Why can you feel ease? 
"Why did I decide to leave my 9-5 to still feel like shit? It was supposed to be fun".
You think there’s something wrong with you. You think this is who you are. 
All of the meditations, the energy healing, the journaling, the therapy, the breathwork. 
All of this action with no reward. 
You are still waiting to live. You are still surviving, waiting for the pleasure to come, if it does. So you try to fix it, to fix yourself. To figure out what you are doing wrong. So you keep doing your rituals, your visualisations, your affirmations. But no matter how much energy healers you pay for, you are still fucking stuck. 

But baby, this is about to change now. You are about to enter the vortex of nervous system regulation. You are about to finally tap into ease, pleasure and freedom. 
You are about to Alchemise your trauma, for good and build capacity for more and better!

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You finally wake up feeling grounded and peaceful, with an empty head. You feel connected with your body, in touch with yourself. You start your morning by asking "how do I want to take care of myself today". And it feels delicious. You are a priority. It feels calm, steady and light. It feels... SAFE. 

Your life finally feels balanced, structured and also flexible. You feel at peace inside. Your business feels nourishing, your relationships are fulfilling. You are living. You feel free. Free from your trauma, free from the old baggage, free from your own blocks. 

And you love yourself. You feel confident and empowered. You speak your truth, boldly. You ask for what you need. You are authentic. You finally know who you are. 

You run your business from regulation, with clarity, focus and concentration. You have sustainable energy and you are able to slow down and work with ease.  


Your business starts within your nervous system. It influences everything. The way you show up, the clients you get, the results, the money. Your body is the portal. 

Alchemise is completely personalized to YOU, so that you can have maximum success

It's intimate, nourishing and highly customised. Alchemise is all about you. It's designed to go deep into the root and help you integrate things in the softest and most gentle way possible so that you can grow and sustain your results. 

There is zero fluff

I've tried and tested hundreds of different strategies, and I’ve been able to see through myself and my clients what does and doesn't work.

I've spent the money, time and energy researching, getting support and doing the work so you don't have to. 

I give you the missing piece. What most business mentors lack. 

I'll support your physiology so you can find a foundation of regulation that allows you to stabilise your stress levels so you can leave behind the anxiety, exhaustion and burnout. 

We'll work together on your neurobiology to support your body in feeling safe so you can work from a place of peace and focus. 

I'll help you create a greater capacity for growth and expansion so you can navigate business with grace, so your adrenaline levels go down and you can slow down, rest and create from the connection to your body.


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6, 9 or 12 months of private mentorhip. 

60 min opening ceremony We'll opened this sacred gate together, sacred the intention for the container. 


Voxer Support You won't be alone anymore. Anytime you have a question, you'll have me there for the answer. I'm there to co-regulate with you, be there for you and guide you through the WHOLE journey. (M-F)

1:1 private calls when you need them (up to once a week) 40 min calls so you can feel supported, held and validated. The calls are a space for teachings, integration and embodiment. ​

Access to all my current courses You'll get direct access to all of my current and past courses. To prevent overwhelm, I'll direct you to the course or module you need, based on your goals. This is completely customized to YOU.

Audios, workbooks and materials You'll get access to your client portal where you'll find all the materials that you'll be needing to do the work. 

60 min closing ceremony We'll intentionally close the container to ensure integration and embodiment. 

The investment for 6 months of private coaching is €4444. 

**payment plans available**

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