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The Beginners Guide to Meal Planning

If there’s one area that people wish to improve their eating habits it is, without a doubt around the topic of meal planning.

I am aware that meal planning takes time and it doesn’t come naturally but with a little bit of effort you can create a habit that is going to shift your health. It’s all about learning some techniques and have some fun with it.

When we don’t meal plan it is easier to eat foods that do not meet the needs that our bodies require. Besides, it requires more thought, time and trips to the supermarket, leaving us stressed and with less money at the end of the month.

I am going to give you some basics tips so we can take control of your health planning your week ahead:

1. Prepare a menu for the week:

This is probably the more challenging part because it will take some time and imagination to think about the meals for the whole week. However, it is important that you do that so you can prepare a groceries list that will contain all the healthy foods planned and will save you time in the supermarket. It doesn’t have to be really fancy, just think about meals that the whole family enjoys and that are healthy and easy. It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you need some inspiration, check out the recipes on my blog.

2. Take into account the produce that you already have at home:

Have a look at your pantry before you prepare the menu. Write down those foods that need to be used up. This way you’ll be able to avoid waste and spend less on your groceries. You might have some potatoes that you can include as a side dish, or some tin tomatoes to add to your Bolognese.

3. Have a full pantry before Monday:

It is important that you start your week with your pantry full of the healthy ingredients that your meals will require. If you have the food already at home, you won’t feel as tempted to eat out.

4. Cook ahead:

Cooking some basics ingredients ahead of time will make your life so much easier. Setting up a day in the weekend to boil some potatoes, rice or beans is going to save you a lot of time during the week. Keep in mind the meals that you have planned and cook those ingredients than can be kept in the fridge. Maybe you also want to cut the onions and garlic and keep them in a container so you’ll save some extra time.

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