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New Moon Rituals for Covid 19

The Moon cycle offers us an excuse to tune in and connect with our emotions. In this pandemic situation we can take advantage of the moon and find peace within.

The Moon, just as it influences the tides, affects other living beings. If we pay attention, we can tune into its cycles and energy. Each of its phases provide us with expansion, connection, knowledge and compassion.

It is also a great opportunity to create rituals and practises full of meaning. So each phase of the cycle can offer us a chance to take the time to take care of oursevles and connect with our inner world.

The New Moon is the first phase of the cycle, giving us a new beginning to set intentions. How can I grow? What do I want to achieve? It is the perfect moment to slow down, relax and take the time to breathe and soak up the energy of the moon. While I'm writing this, we are in the midle of a world health crisis. This can bring so much anxiety and uncomfortable emotions. It can be a difficult and challenging moment for you. Instead of pushing away our emotions or hiding from them, instead of distracting ourselves and avoiding to feel, this moon offers us the excuse to embrace them and start a new beginning that aligns with our essence.

I love setting up a nice space where I know I'm going to be alone and quiet while journaling and meditating for this New Moon ritual. I light some candles, burn some incense, sage or palo santo and I prepare a nice and warming cup of tea. I also like to use essential oils and crystals for this sacred moment. Just do whatever makes you feel good, relaxed and ready for the practise.

Here you can download my journaling prompts, so they can be a guide in your ritual. Just know that whatever comes up for you is perfect and valid. Embrace your emotions with compassion and love as you deserve.

These rituals are just opportunities for you to feel good and more balanced, so bringing kindness and mothering energy to them will be really beneficial.


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