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Intentions Have the Power to Change Your Life

Before we dive in the subject, I want to make clear that intentions are not goals. Intentions are not focused on an outcome, meaning, is not something you want to do or accomplish. Intentions are based on awareness. They are statements about how you want to show up in the world. For example: "I want to be more kind with myself". When we set intentions we make it easier to create habits. Using the same example, in order to be more kind I will meditate on the subject 5 minutes every day. Because we have an intentions to do something, it is easier to stick with it.

Setting intentions is really intuitive but I will share the way that works better for me:

  1. Dedicate 5 minutes every morning to set the intentions: Setting intentions first thing in the morning. You can sit down and meditate about them or write them down.

  2. Create a mantra: I like creating mantras that I can repeat throughout the day (when I'm driving or in the shower)to help me accomplish what I aimed for. Another way to do this is setting alarms or reminders and making sure that when you get them you have to stop what you're doing and repeat the mantras.

  3. Thank yourself when you are intentional: In moments where you are present and aware of the intention you’ve set, reward yourself.Be thankful and grateful for those moments.

You can download my daily intentions printable to help you work on this HERE.

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