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How to Manage Anxiety- 10 Tips

These are really challenging times for all of us. The situation that we are going through is pushing us through our limits. I first want you to know that it is ok to feel this way. I hear you, I feel you. You are not alone and whatever you are feeling is absolutely valid and real.

A lot of fear might come up. Maybe you are scared for your finances, your health or the health of the loved ones; maybe you are afraid of dying…. Our inner wounds are being brought to the surface and we are left having to handle the intensity of those all at once. This can be absolutely overwhelming. Maybe you are feeling lost, hopeless and desperate.

I see you.

Living this kind of struggle, having to cope with all these emotions can wake up a lot of anxiety.

I used to suffer from anxiety during so many years and it was one of the most difficult things I went through. It is so frustrating, so uncomfortable, so painful. I just wanted to run away from it, I wanted it to stop right away. I felt pressure in my chest and throat, I couldn’t breathe normally and it was making my head so blurry. I couldn’t think straight, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of thoughts going on in my head. I couldn’t find ease or relaxation being so busy in my brain and feeling so uncomfortable in my body. I felt the fear was taking over. This is why I created an online program to overcome stress and anxiety. I wanted to help people in the same situation. I wanted to offer easy tools that can be used from the comfort of your own home and at your own time. Check it out here if you feel you can benefit from it.

Some Common Symptoms of Anxiety:

· You are constantly worrying

· You need to be constantly stimulated, living in a rush

· You feel agitated, unease inside

· You overthink everything

· You feel disconnected

· You have sleeping problems

· You suffer from addictions

· You feel lonely and unsupported

· You feel always tired

· You feel brain fogged