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7 Ways to Increase Your Self-Love

Step 1: Connect with your Inner Self

Being in contact with your inner self means creating awareness within you. Listening to your inner voice, being aware of your needs and wishes is going to help you find your intuition. Meditation and breath work is a great tool to connect with your inner world.

Step 2: Fight your obstacles and resistance

Obstacles are these traits that block you from growing big (insecurities, fear, arrogance…). Resistance occurs when our brain finds excuses or stops us from doing something. Building a conscious mind will allow you to be more aware of the ego talk. Do not let the subconscious guide your reality. Observe your weaknesses with compassion and be the one driving. Find awareness during the day and practice meditation.

Step 3: Heal your inner child

The inner child is a part of your subconscious mind that was created during childhood. This can accumulate residues of negative emotions and wounds from the past. To begin to heal, take a few quiet moments a day to connect with your inner child. Think of yourself when you were little. Take a few deep belly breaths and repeat these mantras: “you are enough”, “I see you”, “You live in a new reality now”, “I forgive you” and “It wasn’t your fault”.

Step 4: Practice forgiveness

Living with anger and resentment brings us negative emotions and physical and psychologicalpain. Start with self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Be kind with yourself. Loving kindness meditation can be a great tool.

Step 5: Accept where you are right now

Being present is one of the most powerful tools. When we live in the past or in the future we can trigger anxiety and depression. Embracing the right-here-now allows you to experience your reality with more clarity and happiness. Mindfulness meditations are really helpful.

Step 6: Focus on what you want to create more of

If you want to create more love for yourself, give it to others. Being the one offering the love you want to recieve is going to help you findging peace and attracting it. Find little moments in life where you can be kind, compassionate and loving to others without getting anything on exchange.

Step 7: Set boundaries

Boundaries are there to protect your energy. They are a communication to the outside world of your limits. setting them can be really challenging but but it will allow you to build confidence and feel less stressed or overwhelmed. Understand that people’s feelings are not your responsability and helping yourself first, you’ll be making them a favour.

You can download HERE the printable guide to self-love in order to have a handy reminder of the practices.

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