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4 Simple Ways to Release Stress

We all know that life can be really stressful. We live in a society that invites us to run, rush and stop being in the moment. The consequences of stress can be really detrimental for our bodies: headaches, irritability, fatigue, IBS, etc. Rather than helping us conquer our problems, severe stress can reduce our competence and make us less able to cope with the problems we need to face.

I also want to mention that sometimes we are not aware that we are under stress. The rhythm of life has made us lose connection with our body and intuition. Maybe you don’t know you are stressed but it can be manifesting in other ways. I invite you to pay attention to other signals that might be trying to tell you that your body is under pressure. Maybe you feel tired, worried or physical discomfort.

However, I am here to tell you that we can live a more calm and relaxed life. There are ways we can deal with stress so we can navigate with ease through life. I am going to share some simple habits that you can incorporate that will help your body relax and release tension:

1. Do something that feels good.

Try to find an activity that fills up your heart. It might be reading a book, going for a walk, painting, listening or disconnecting from social media.

2. Build up healthy habits.

Our eating habits and stress are really connected. Getting your health back on track is going to help feel calmer in your mind. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, eat more whole grains and stay hydrated. Besides, make sure that you are getting enough good quality sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, make sure you check out my blog post on sleeping hygiene.

3. Move your body.

When we exercise we are creating chemical reactions in the body that helps us feel less stressed. It reduces cortisol and it releases hormones as endorphins, which help regulating your mood and releasing pain. Exercising is going to help your digestion and sleep, promoting a healthier state of mind.

4. Practice mindfulness.

Practicing coming back to the present moment and raising awareness helps your body and mind to relax and feel more peaceful. There are different ways you can do that. You could start a journal practice, meditate, do yoga, breath work. Those are amazing exercises that I can guarantee will improve your quality of life.

I have also created a mini course that can help you releasing stress an anxiety. Click here to check it out.

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