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👉🏽You never feel good enough, there's always something you want to fix about yourself.


👉🏽You always feel like you haven't done enough. You never feel accomplished.

👉🏽You struggle to recognise your achievements. It fees like there's never a finish line.

👉🏽You are very harsh on yourself and set very high unattainable standards.

Imagine if...

👉🏽You could go to bed finally feeling like you are good enough, proud of yourself and happy with everything you've done in your day.


👉🏽Even when things don't go well, you could speak to yourself the same way you'd speak to your best friend: encouraging, compassionate, gentle, loving, nurturing. 


👉🏽You could feel more free, let go of the need to control everything and just let loose and let go. 

👉🏽You could take time to celebrate all the achievements, feel them in your body, allow them to sink in, without rushing for the next thing. 

This is what you'll learn: 

✔️ The wounds behind perfectionism. 

✔️ The ways in which perfectionism shows up in your mind and body. 

✔️ The link between perfectionism and your nervous system. 

✔️ Perfectionism as a trauma response of The Achiever Archetype

✔️How to release the perfectionist wounds somatically. 


🔥 2 days of livestream trainings & LIVE somatic sessions

🔥 Q&A at the end of each call

🔥 Materials to implement the work 

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