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You aren't someone who conforms, someone who just gives up, someone who stays quiet. You know something is wrong, you know that all the rituals and the healings that you are doing aren't helping you break that ceiling. 

You are taking the action, you are doing the work, showing up, hiring coaches, energy healers, hypnotherapists... but something doesn't feel quite right...

You still feel stuck


If you are like our previous HEAL clients, you are done with the conventional and alternative methods. You've tried them all. You've invested money, time and energy, to realise that there's a missing piece that you are not getting... You are tired of finding yourself in the same loop, again and again, not being able to break free from the weight of trauma. 

You are exhausted of waking up tired, with anxiety, with a tight body full of tension. You are tired of the constant racing thoughts, the negative mindset, the fear, the over-worrying... 

You are done with feeling ungrounded, unbalanced, of living in chaos and constant drama. 

You are done fighting, feeling like everything is a struggle... like you are not able to find ease and peace... slowing down, feeling your body... connecting to it... you've tried so many times... and it doesn't seem possible for you, so you feel like there is something wrong...  why can I just relax? 

And not to talk about relationships... don't get me started... yep, always stuck in the same cycle of toxicity, feeling drained, always people pleasing, always giving... always feeling resentful and frustrated... 

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Waking up feeling rested and calm (nop, no anxiety and tight throat) ready to do your morning routine (yes, you finally have one), you don't look at your phone or emails, you go slow and take care of yourself first. And it feels delicious. You are in your body, feeling the warm cup of coffee in your hands, feeling your body on the soft yoga mat, feeling your slow and steady breath while sitting down. Aw... And you make yourself a yummy breakfast, savouring each bite, still present, still connected and so fucking proud for taking such good care of your body (because now you recognise your accomplishments and treat yourself with respect and love). 

And then work... normally that was the peak of anxiety, but now, oh no baby, now it feels good. You feel excited and motivated, and you work feeling relaxed and calm, it doesn't even feel like work. It feels slow, peaceful. So glad it doesn't feel like chaos anymore!

And the way you show up... oh yes, you show up authentically, and while uncomfortable you are yourself. It feels good to be you. To speak your truth, set your boundaries and say no. 

And you are finally able to understand what you need and what you want, so you look for that in relationships, you know what you deserve, you know your standards. You don't betray yourself anymore. You've got you. You feel securely attached, you feel safe to open up...

Life just feels safe and yummy... 

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HEAL is a transformational course designed to help heal at the deepest level through REAL nervous system regulation

It's based on our proven methodology based on science. 

Our work is based on the work of Porges, Peter Levine, Kathy L. Kain, Deb Dana... 

These are the techniques that actually get you unstuck. 

Most clients are able to finally feel "unblocked" and move forward with their healing after struggling for months or years of doing healing work. 

HEAL offers you a 1:1 container with us so you can integrate, embody, feel supported and co-regulate with us. This is a high-level luxurious service. 

Their transformation explodes from there. They learn how to build a solid foundation of safety that allows them to be their most authentic selves and go for the life of their dreams. 

This isn’t your traditional, healing online course. It's designed to go deep into the root and help you integrate things in the gentleness way possible so that you can have maximum success.

There is zero fluff. We give you what you need. Period. 

We've tried and tested hundreds of different strategies, and we’ve been able to see through ourselves and our clients what does and doesn't work.

We've spent the money, time and energy researching, getting support and doing the work so you don't have to. 

We give you the missing piece. What most mental health professionals and coaches lack. 

But what REALLY makes this different is the fact of healing at a nervous system level. It doesn’t matter how many modalities, tools or therapies you do if your nervous system is not regulated. 

Nervous system work is the foundation for EVERYTHING. It's what governs your life. It is what allows you to move forward. What helps you get what you want: the career, the connections, the relationships... 

Think of yourself as a house: if the foundation isn’t strong, it doesn’t matter how strong the materials are - the house will crumble.


alright, this is how it looks like...

You'll have lifetime access to the online modules, with videos, audios, workbooks, everything that you need to do the work. (I know, great isn't it?) + 8 weeks of Voxer support with Melody and Jen. 

Easy, right? 

You'll learn how to use our amazing signature method THE RE-PROCESSING TRAUMA METHOD! You'll understand your stress physiology and the science of nervous system regulation. You'll learn the strategy to build profound physiological awareness to impact autonomic and vagal function. You'll have the tools and practices to reprogram your old autonomic patterns and transform massively. And, you'll learn the secrets of embodiment and integration that will ensure you life-long results


This program works with a sliding scale. Please be aware that the lowest amount on the scale is reserved for people of low income or going through financial difficulties. Please be mindful in choosing an amount within or above recommended scale €222 to €777.

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