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Ready to connect your business with your nervous system to open up the portal of your body for more ease, peace, freedom, fun, connection, pleasure and relaxation? 











We all have an archetype. Being a CEO is not just about running a business, setting up systems and selling.

👉🏼Being a CEO starts in our bodies, more specifically with our nervous system. It's not just about what we do, but about how we feel while doing it. 

Our nervous system governs everything that we do, the way we show up, the capacity that we have to hold more money, our capacity to feel more ease, more pleasure, more fun

By taking this quiz, you'll learn👇🏼


🪄The connection between your nervous system and your business. 

🪄The main way in which your archetype shows up 

🪄The trauma behind your archetype 

🪄The first steps to take in order to start healing your archetype

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