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Do you want to know why you feel stressed or anxious?  Why you can't say no and keep following strategies you don't like? Why you feel worried and grumpy all the time? Or why you fear going live on Instagram?

This masterclass is the answer love. You don't need more mindset or business strategy. You need to understand first your own body and create a foundation of nervous system regulation. 


👉🏾 You are tired of feeling like you are constantly fighting, working very hard, always facing struggle after struggle, exhausted of always being a superhero. 

👉🏾 You don't know how to take time off and actually relax or do nothing. You are always plugged in with business, your head is always busy and you feel like there's always something else to be done. 

👉🏾 You keep finding yourself doing things you don't want to do, bending and shaping in order to please your clients. 

👉🏾 You struggle to take action and show up for your business. It feels scary and uncomfortable. 


🪄You could just let go of the "working hard" story and things got to be easier, calmer, better. Actually relaxing, and letting go of the effort, allowing to be taken care of, allowing for the Universe to bring you good things without that much of a fight. 

🪄 You would know exactly how to disconnect from business, take time for yourself, slow down and do the things that make you feel good without freaking out. 

🪄 You could be assertive, share your truth and set boundaries to protect your energy. 

🪄 You could overcome the fear and the procrastination and take the steps that you need to take to keep growing your empire. 

This is what you'll learn: 

✔️ The connection between your business and your nervous system and how your nervous system is the one running the show. 

✔️ The difference between the nervous system archetypes: how they feel, how they express themselves, and what thoughts and emotions they trigger. 

✔️ Why you need to work on your nervous system before working on your mindset, strategy and energetics. 

BONUS: when you sign up, you get access to a FREE QUIZ to get to know your predominant archetype. 

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