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You are tired of needing to control everything in your life, tired of the inner critic and perfectionist's voice.

You feel drained, overworked, stressed...You always feel like you've got no time, like you should be more productive, like what you do is not good enough. The pressure is high. It keeps you awake at night, rolling in bed, "channelling ideas", organising the next day, thinking about the next move. 


You've hired the coaches, done your rituals, meditations and past-lives healing, but something still doesn't feel quite keep finding yourself in the same loop again and again...


But, you have heard about nervous system work, and how important it is to be regulated...and your body feels like it might be the answer...the missing piece... 

And let me tell you a secret... it is...

And things are about to change...


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You finally feel safe, balanced and grounded. You feel like you are thriving, living, enjoying, as opposed to merely surviving. You know how to slow down and relax, how to take time off and be ok with it. 

Your life is not just about your success anymore, but about you. You are a priority, you are connected with your body and know what it needs. You trust yourself now and listen to your intuition.

You feel enough and worthy. You love yourself unconditionally. 

You allow yourself to feel, with grace and compassion. Your emotions do not take over anymore, and you respond to life instead of reacting... Life feels yummy. 


You are tired of feeling stuck. You are done wasting your money on coaches and courses, to feel better shortly after and go back to the same loop after a few weeks. You are especially tired of the spiritual BS, the bypassing and toxic positivity, that so far hasn't given you any results, but left you feeling even more broken. 

You are exhausted of feeling out of control, of not choosing your own life, of living for others, and hiding under a success mask. 

You are ready to break free from the go-go-go, perfectionism, the rushing from one task to another, the being scattered and busy, the racing thoughts and anxiety. 

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The Challenge is a Polyvagal and Trauma Informed 7-day  program that will give you the secret to ease and freedom. This is the real nervous system work. The program that goes to the root of the struggle, working on the physiology from the safest and most gentle approach. 

This program includes

7 days of emails with lifetime access to the materials of this course.

**Plus an option for a VIP upgrade to include Voxer access for 2 weeks.

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